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Our Favorite Alternatives To The Mason Jar Trend

on April 21, 2015

While mason jars are still all the rage (and we still love them!), we have a few alternatives for those brides or event planners looking to break out of the mason jar mold.


(1) Dip Dye, (2) Nautical Rope, (3) Washi Tape Frame and Washi Tape Tea Lights, (4) Cloche Bell Jars, (5) Dipped Feathers.

Our first suggestion is the dip dye style, like these cute dip-dyed wooden bowls. To achive this style, you will want to dip an item into paint so that the bottom half (or slightly more or less) is covered in a contrasting color.

Our next suggestion is nautical rope – the look is no longer just for New England. Bring a little bit of the coast inland with this style. By wrapping rope around various items (vases, jars, glasses, chairs, etc.), you can easily and affordably create a nautical look.

Our next suggestion is to finally do something with that washi tape you’ve seen popping up in stores recently. This blog will show you step-by-step how to make a washi tape-covered frame, but we think this tape will add a fun pattern to almost anything! (Think: place cards, favor boxes, give bags, vases, bouquet wraps, menu cards … the list goes on!)

Our next suggestion is to get creative with glass cloche bell jars. They can be used to display just about anything, but we love the idea of using these as centerpieces to display something that goes along with your theme, such as the adorable bird nests above. Perfect to pair a few for wedding table centerpieces or use them individually at a smaller event, such as a baby shower or bridal shower.

Our last suggestion is to get fancy with feathers. This blog shows you step-by-step how to give feathers a gold-dipped design, but you don’t have to limit yourself to gold! Dip features in any color and add them to your centerpieces, hair piece, or bouquet. You could even use a feather dipped in a corresponding color to hold a place card or to embellish a menu card.


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