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Fabulous Anniversary Party Ideas for Any Milestone

Know a special couple who will be celebrating an anniversary soon? Do you and your siblings want to do something special for your parents’ anniversary? Or are you recently married and you want to throw your own anniversary party? We have some unique and fun wedding anniversary party ideas to inspire you. And keep in mind that the Hello Productions’ staff is always available to help you plan and execute your event!

Source: blog.divaentertains.com

Source: blog.divaentertains.com

1st – Host a dinner party that is catered for the couple at their house. You can either hire a local caterer or have each couple bring a different course. Send the couple away for a few hours and make sure to set the table with all the dishes and platters they got as wedding gifts but haven’t had a chance to use yet. Watch the couple’s wedding video, look through the wedding photos and relive the fun memories from the wedding day. And don’t forget to secure a few guests to help with the clean up!

5th – Have each guest bring their favorite spirit and provide plenty of mixers, fun glasses and garnishes. Put out appetizers and put on some good tunes while you have each guest or couple come up with a new drink to celebrate the couple. As the host, take photos of each couple’s drink and jot down the recipe and any story the couple may share connected to the drink. Use a website like Shutterfly to create a cocktail recipe book, complete with photos and stories, as a gift to the couple. (You may find that it turns out so well everyone will want a copy!)

10th – Have a formal dinner party or rent out a restaurant for the couple, inviting their closest friends and family members. There’s a good chance there isn’t anything left of their original wedding cake, but ask a local baker to create a replica of their wedding cake. Supply them with photos of the cake and fill in any other details for them. Don’t forget to duplicate the shape, size, layers, decorative elements and topper!

15th – After 15 years, your guests of honor might appreciate a casual, backyard anniversary party. A barbeque or luau-themed party is perfect for including kids (and special pets) in the celebration. Remember those games you played at the bridal shower? Bring some of them back and include the guys and kids!

20th – For 20 years, do something unique for the couple (and maybe a few close friends or family members), such as a painting, pottery or cooking class. Many places will allow you to have a private party, pick your craft and bring your own beer and wine.

30th – After 30 years, it’s a good time to recreate the anniversary couple’s honeymoon. This could be at someone’s house or a favorite restaurant and include themed food and drinks. Find photos of them from the honeymoon and work them into the centerpieces or include them in your decorations. Did something special happen during their honeymoon, such as a musical serenade or a photo shoot? Hire musicians to serenade the couple as a surprise or set up a “photo booth” with the background and props to match their destination.

50th – The 50th is the “gold” anniversary and the year to go all out. Honor your favorite couple with a surprise party. Ask close friends and family members to help with the guest list. Have fun things around the room for your guests to look at such as:
– A timeline of the things they’ve done during their marriage (kids, trips, etc.)
– Facts about what things cost 50 years ago, who was popular, etc.
– A playlist of songs from the year they were married.
– Old (and new) photo albums
– Have numbered blank cards (1 through 50) and ask people to write their favorite memories of the couple

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